One of the things I just love about Corel Photo-Paint is the endlessness of it’s creative potential. There seems to be an infinite number of effects, adjustments, and fine tuning that one can do to come up with a totally unique creation that no one else could possibly duplicate. I have always enjoyed using Photoshop in the past, but I find Corel to be far more open ended. (No one is paying me to say this, maybe they should.)

It’s like a playground for the mind, with endless playground equipment to keep making up new games. It’s like a dreamworld where you can soar to new heights in your creative abilities. All you need is time, a computer and the software.


Layers & Effects

I really enjoy using Corel software because of it’s versatility and wide range of effects. This started as a photo of a metal flower sculpture. I think I used about 7 layers to get this effect. Maybe I’m just a crazy leftover Hippie, but I like it.