Desert Flora & Fauna 1

CSRoth photo

Desert flora 1

little cacti
beautiful tree

So much sunlight! Ideally it would have been nice to get some early morning and late evening shots. However I found myself mostly having to deal with high noon and a bit after that. Such interesting shapes and details in this prickly, dry but beautiful world.


Desert Landscapes


A recent trip to Arizona provided an opportunity to experience a completely different landscape. I enjoyed the texture of this place; dry, scratchy and rough. Of course the sun and significantly warmer temperatures were a nice break from New England. There are always challenges when photographing in bright sunlight, but here it was interesting to notice the different hues captured depending on which direction I was facing. Also conditions changed quickly depending on cloud coverage, and distance or location. In the next post I’ll add my desert flora & fauna photos.

The Cold Beach

cold beach 1wWhy would I go to the New Hampshire coast in November? Because I’m a bit crazy? I do it almost every year.

Before the bitter cold of winter sets in I like to capture the delicate late afternoon light. It was a little colder than I would have liked because I waited until after Thanksgiving. However, I felt the trip provided a worthwhile study in color and light.

Notice how all these photos stay in a blue & yellow color range, reflecting the coolness of a northern beach yet the warmth of the afternoon sun. It appears to be a quiet, quaint area; however Summer photos would give the viewer a very different impression.

Subtle reflections of light create a warm and inviting feeling in a cold and dreary climate.

Beach house wcold beach 2wcold beach 3wcold beach 4w


Wild Weekly Photo Challenge #4- Water

I’m participating in the Wild Weekly Photo Challenge This week’s Challenge is: Water

Found this contest/challenge on Canoe Communications recent post, thanks for sharing!

It was hard to choose which photos to post since I love water so much. This first one shows how water transforms it’s environment and creates beauty. Water is powerful and it’s affects my be subtle or extremely destructive, but I like to focus on it’s subtle creativity.

DSC_0383 The other thing that inspires me about water is that it is fun and entertaining, always providing endless opportunities to play and bcoolnesse refreshed. DSC_0002DSC_0018DSC_0016Beach wave



One of the things I just love about Corel Photo-Paint is the endlessness of it’s creative potential. There seems to be an infinite number of effects, adjustments, and fine tuning that one can do to come up with a totally unique creation that no one else could possibly duplicate. I have always enjoyed using Photoshop in the past, but I find Corel to be far more open ended. (No one is paying me to say this, maybe they should.)

It’s like a playground for the mind, with endless playground equipment to keep making up new games. It’s like a dreamworld where you can soar to new heights in your creative abilities. All you need is time, a computer and the software.