Desert Flora & Fauna 1

CSRoth photo

Desert flora 1

little cacti
beautiful tree

So much sunlight! Ideally it would have been nice to get some early morning and late evening shots. However I found myself mostly having to deal with high noon and a bit after that. Such interesting shapes and details in this prickly, dry but beautiful world.


Desert Landscapes


A recent trip to Arizona provided an opportunity to experience a completely different landscape. I enjoyed the texture of this place; dry, scratchy and rough. Of course the sun and significantly warmer temperatures were a nice break from New England. There are always challenges when photographing in bright sunlight, but here it was interesting to notice the different hues captured depending on which direction I was facing. Also conditions changed quickly depending on cloud coverage, and distance or location. In the next post I’ll add my desert flora & fauna photos.

The Cold Beach

cold beach 1wWhy would I go to the New Hampshire coast in November? Because I’m a bit crazy? I do it almost every year.

Before the bitter cold of winter sets in I like to capture the delicate late afternoon light. It was a little colder than I would have liked because I waited until after Thanksgiving. However, I felt the trip provided a worthwhile study in color and light.

Notice how all these photos stay in a blue & yellow color range, reflecting the coolness of a northern beach yet the warmth of the afternoon sun. It appears to be a quiet, quaint area; however Summer photos would give the viewer a very different impression.

Subtle reflections of light create a warm and inviting feeling in a cold and dreary climate.

Beach house wcold beach 2wcold beach 3wcold beach 4w


Wild Weekly Photo Challenge #4- Water

I’m participating in the Wild Weekly Photo Challenge This week’s Challenge is: Water

Found this contest/challenge on Canoe Communications recent post, thanks for sharing!

It was hard to choose which photos to post since I love water so much. This first one shows how water transforms it’s environment and creates beauty. Water is powerful and it’s affects my be subtle or extremely destructive, but I like to focus on it’s subtle creativity.

DSC_0383 The other thing that inspires me about water is that it is fun and entertaining, always providing endless opportunities to play and bcoolnesse refreshed. DSC_0002DSC_0018DSC_0016Beach wave



I enjoyed this opportunity to photograph a Yoga event recently, but it definitely gave me some challenges. This gallery is just a sample from about 90 shots. I decided not to use flash in order to be less invasive. I will often scan a room with the camera until I feel that people are not paying attention to me, thinking that I’m not taking their photograph, and then choose my shot.

In the gym I was shooting with ISO 3200 which resulted in some pleasant warm tones. In some cases I made very slight tonal adjustments toward cool afterward with Corel Photo-paint, but for most of the shots that wasn’t necessary. I don’t like to over-adjust.

Some other issues I had to deal with were too much clutter on the floor from people’s personal belongings and the multicolored mats, scenes that were too spread out, and vendors that were too cramped together. I like this type of challenge however, it keeps me thinking on my feet.

In the display area there was too much light coming through large windows that were behind most of the display tables, so that presented it’s own problems.  I lowered the ISO to 2000 or 1600 depending on the angle because I still didn’t want to use flash. In crowds I like to stand far enough back that people don’t notice me, taking advantage of the ability to zoom. This takes patience because people often get in the way.

Since I knew that most of these shots would only be used for web or smaller print sizes I didn’t worry too much about the high ISO. If they had wanted posters I would have had to change my tactics. I often do birthday parties or theater with a similar approach.



Night Lights

I like to shoot at night because lights fascinate me. Of course this requires using a high ISO, I think I was shooting at 3200 or more for these photos. New York City of course is a great place to capture lighting at night. I didn’t have much time on this trip, otherwise I would have run around looking for unique architecture with interesting lighting. As it was, I just took a few shots around midnight while walking back from a conference to my hotel room.

This second shot of the buildings particularly intrigues me because the angle causes some optical confusion. It reminds me a bit of an Escher drawing; if you stare a moment at the left side of the photo the building seems to be going in the opposite direction.